Spring 2018

January: Seattle and Spokane
February: Bellingham, Portland, and Ohio
March: Wisconsin and New England
April: New York and Washington D.C.

Fall 2018

September: Northern California
October: San Diego, Los Angeles, and Denver
November: Chicago, Michigan, and

*Currently Booking Additional Dates

Until Name Becomes Prayer is a traveling poetry show that pays homage to every indigenous and immigrant mouth that had to become a history book. Every voice that struggled through another tongue to tell their own story.

International Poetry Slam Champion William Nu’utupu Giles honors the Oral Traditions of Pacific Islander ancestors by sharing living documents of memory. His work explores mental health issues emerging out of modern colonization, how we change to chase diaspora, and the waters that connect us. Through relentless affirmation and intimate poems, this tour will show you “how a human shield given no voice — can still grow teeth, still teach itself how to speak.” Until Name Becomes Prayer is a study on how to believe, when home is a legend you have never seen. About the slow, impossible work of self care through self love. And the work of creating the world around us, one word at a time.