As a volunteer with Youth Speaks Hawaiʻi and an independent artist, Will has facilitated workshops in classrooms from the University of Papua New Guinea to Yale University. Will encourages participants to tell the stories that only they know, by opening spaces of conversation, investigation, and generative prompts. Workshops can be molded to different levels of experience and time slots.

Oceans in Islands, Islands in Oceans

The political and colonial history in the Pacific Ocean means that countries and families have often been split and taken away from themselves. Will leads discussion and writing exercises to identify the islands and nations within every person. This workshop challenges participants to write the places we have come from, map where we are going, and sew a flag from the memories of home. 



The Shape of a Heart

Our memories are a map of feelings. When we reflect, we can revisit the hidden insecurities in forests and the love we raised up on mountains. Workshop participants will recall the physical locations where they discovered ranges of emotion. While examining the past, we relearn and rewrite the small, impossible language of the human heart. 

Passing Strange

What is writing to you? A discipline, a ritual, a fluke? Do you have certain conditions you must recreate in order to invoke your creativity? In this workshop Will asks participants to stretch past the physical and mental routines of writing that have been crafted over time. In short, this workshop strives to create space for writers to engage the unfamiliar while off balance, grasping for the puzzling and beautiful. 

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